The Greatest Debate: Metricool vs Hootsuite for Social Media Management

Metricool vs Hootsuite
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Are you struggling to decide between Metricool and Hootsuite for managing your social media presence? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll compare the features, advantages, and disadvantages of both platforms so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your business.

Overview of Metricool and Hootsuite

Metricool and Hootsuite are two of the most popular social media management tools available today. Both offer powerful features that help brands manage their social media presence and maximize their online engagement. Metricool has a range of features such as multi-account management, calendar views, analytics, and more. Meanwhile, Hootsuite boasts a suite of tools that allow users to schedule posts across multiple platforms, monitor conversations, track analytics, and more. Both platforms have been praised for their user-friendly interfaces and offer a range of pricing options to suit any budget. With so much on offer from each platform, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for your business needs. In this article, we’ll compare Metricool vs Hootsuite across pricing, user satisfaction ratings, and features to help you make an informed decision.

Metricool vs Hootsuite

Compare Pricing and Features

When it comes to pricing and features, comparing Hootsuite and Metricool is a difficult task. Metricool’s paid plans start at $9/month, while Hootsuite’s paid plans range from $19/month to $599/month. Metricool offers a free plan with limited features and analytics, while Hootsuite has a free plan with more features and analytics. When it comes to features, Metricool offers social media calendar views, post scheduling, content optimization, and real-time insights. Hootsuite also offers these features in addition to team collaboration tools and social media analytics. Both tools offer an array of helpful features for social media management, so it really comes down to the individual user’s needs when deciding which tool will best suit their needs.

User Satisfaction Ratings

User Satisfaction Ratings provide an insight into how people feel about Metricool and Hootsuite. Metricool currently has a four-star rating on G2, with user reviewers praising its intuitive dashboard and the way it helps them manage multiple social media accounts. Hootsuite also has a great rating, with users commenting on its helpful calendar views, the ability to manage multiple social media accounts, and the useful analytics features that come with it. Both Metricool and Hootsuite have high user satisfaction ratings, so you can be sure that whichever one you choose, you’ll be in good hands.

Metricool vs Hootsuite

Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

Managing multiple social media accounts can be time-consuming, but both Metricool and Hootsuite make it easier. Both offer helpful calendar views and the ability to create and schedule content in advance. Plus, users can answer comments and DMs from multiple profiles in a single inbox and track their analytics across accounts. Hootsuite is great for larger brands who need to manage social media on a larger scale, whereas Metricool is more suitable for smaller businesses.

Helpful Calendar Views

Hootsuite and Metricool both offer helpful calendar views, making it easier for users to manage their social media accounts. Hootsuite’s content planner allows users to easily schedule posts while Metricool provides a monthly master calendar with impressive features. Both software offer insights into social media planning tools such as Planoly, MeetEdgar, ContentCal, and Buffer. Agorapulse stands out for its all-in-one social media tool capabilities, making it great for agencies and larger businesses. Metricool also gets high ratings from users for its affordability and its ability to connect to multiple platforms. Both Hootsuite and Metricool offer helpful analytics tools that allow users to monitor their social media performance and track their brand’s growth. Hootsuite also provides a useful “Best Time To Publish” feature in its analytics tool that helps users maximize their reach on social media.

Brands Managing Social Media

Brands of all sizes can manage their social media better with Hootsuite, from the smallest businesses to the largest enterprises across CPG, finance, healthcare, tech, higher-ed, and more. With Hootsuite’s powerful tools, teams can save time on social media while engaging with their audience and measuring results. To further maximize their reach, Hootsuite’s Best Time to Post feature in Analytics helps users find the optimal time to post content on social media.

Metricool vs Hootsuite

Buffer’s Analysis of Hootsuite and CoSchedule

Buffer’s Analysis of Hootsuite and CoSchedule provides insight into the features, pricing, user satisfaction, and integrations of each platform. They have compared the two tools across multiple categories to help Canadian businesses make informed decisions about which social media management platform best suits their needs. Buffer has found that Hootsuite offers an integrated experience that helps drive engagement and traffic on social media with its helpful calendar views and best time to publish feature in Hootsuite Analytics. CoSchedule, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing multiple social media accounts, influencer marketing, and content marketing. Ultimately, both software provide users with powerful features to create and manage engaging content across multiple platforms.

Metricool vs Hootsuite: Pros and Cons

Metricool and Hootsuite are two of the most popular social media management tools available. Each has its own pros and cons, so let’s take a closer look at how they measure up to one another. When it comes to pricing, Metricool is more affordable than Hootsuite for those who want basic social media management features. However, Hootsuite offers more comprehensive features for Twitter and other major social media platforms. Additionally, Hootsuite has a best time to publish feature in its analytics, while Metricool does not have this type of feature. Furthermore, Hootsuite’s user satisfaction ratings are high, as it is a widely trusted social media management solution. On the other hand, Metricool’s user satisfaction ratings are more mixed. Lastly, both tools offer helpful calendar views when managing multiple social media accounts. All in all, it’s important to consider your needs and budget when deciding which tool is right for you.

Metricool vs Hootsuite

Best Time to Publish Feature in Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite’s Best Time to Publish feature also provides useful insights into the ideal times to post for maximum engagement. This feature uses data from actual users and provides a comprehensive list of the best times to post for each day of the week. The recommended publish times is a nice touch that can help brands make sure their content reaches its intended audience. Furthermore, Hootsuite’s analytics offer a great way for brands to monitor the success of their social media campaigns and make informed decisions about how to optimize their posts for the best results.

Hootsuite’s Social Media Analytics

Hootsuite provides a comprehensive set of social media analytics tools to help users gain insights into their campaigns and get a better understanding of their audience. With Hootsuite, users can track key metrics such as impressions, reach, engagement, and more. Additionally, Hootsuite’s Best Time to Publish feature helps users determine the most effective times to post content, while the Social Media Analytics dashboard provides an in-depth look at demographic data and insights into user behaviour to inform future campaigns.

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