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If you want to grow up to online business, you can’t ignore the role of e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing is a kind of direct advertising in which product creator use their e-mail lists as a promotional message tool. In today when e-mail marketing opted itself as one to one business meeting instrument, the AWeber enhanced e-mail marketing to its peak.

 Advertisers sitting in any part of the world can send its ads to the publisher and even publisher interacts with their readers. It is openly admitted and reported in Direct Marketing Association’s response report that:

“Direct mail may generate the highest response rates of all direct marketing vehicles, but e-mail posts the highest return on investment. According to the study, response rates for letter-sized direct mail sent to house files was 3.4%, more than 30 times the 0.12% response rate for email. But email’s ROI was 28.5% compared to 7% for direct mail.”
The survey, based on responses from 481 companies, was conducted in April. That’s why E-mail marketing remains leader in ROI, according to DMA annual response rate report. So no one can deny from the importance of e-mail marketing if wants to grow the business. There are many e-mail marketing services in the field and one of them is AWeber email marketing.
“AWeber is a web-based service which allows you to grow and manage the list of e-mail subscribers and create an opt-in form. The most important factor is you can carry all kinds of marketing and promotional messages with so many new and creative techniques. Although it was free when it was launched in 1998 by Tom Kulzer but now it does costs. But cost is quite small as compared to the business cost that grows up by using its packages.”
Here I would like to mention one thing which I observed from the AWeber Chalfont Pennsylvania Office environment. There are 110 team members but there is a fantastic environment. All are cooperative, friendly, willing and responsive.
There is a culture of cooperation, collaboration, admiration and respect. All members openly collaborate to solve problems and work together to make the service more effective and supportive. That’s why among all other e-mail marketing, AWeber is really awesome.
There are many features of AWeber marketing which is need of every blogger. It helps the bloggers to grow their affiliate marketing and brand promotion with more tools effectively in less time. Let’s talk about the features of AWeber.

Auto Responder

When any new person come your e-mail subscriber, it is necessary to deliver him some welcoming message in his inbox. Because it leaves a good impression when you someone says a warm welcome. At this phase it becomes difficult for a blogger to reply its every subscriber. If he does it, he has no time behind to write his content. So AWeber comes here to help you.
AWeber delivers not only the sequence of messages to every new subscriber but also provides many other features like:

  • Instantly engage subscribers.
  • Track Performance.
  • Hundreds of e-mail templates and
  • Advance scheduling.

Sign-Up Forms

AWeber offer the free trial of one month to every its new customer and I’ve used this free trial. It’s sign-up form is very stylish along with many new features like:
  • Sign Up form templates.
  • Form animation and effects.
  • Easy to use form designer and
  • Split test sign up form.

E-mail Newsletter Software

Now deliver the best email newsletter with few clicks. If you have to deliver the message to all email subscribers or to send only some, segment your list of people. Drag, drop and edit the message with AWeber’s newsletter software. To include an image, select an image from the thousands of image. Also you can choose an attractive newsletter template among more than 700 templates. Some other features are:

  • Variety of e-mail templates.
  • Facebook and Twitter integration.
  • Publish e-mail online.
  • Blog to E-mail and
  • Performance tracking.

Best E-mail Deliverability

AWeber resolved all those issues due to which any change may be possible on your marketing. For example if your subscribers/clients made any changes which probably affect your email marketing, you will get update with complete change history. You can get analytical report of your e-mail deliverability and marketing health. Some other features are:

  • Content filter checking tools.
  • No fear of any spam due to Anti-Spam policy.
  • Deliverability experience of more than 15 years.

Manage your Subscribers

With AWeber e-mail marketing tool, it is now easier to collecting, managing and segmenting your subscribers. You can easily create and manage the list of your subscribers and increase your profitability through e-mail marketing. With managing the list of subscribers you can do:

  • Subscribers Tracking.
  • Subscribers’ segmentation fit to your readers.
  • 3rd Party Integration.
  • Get the sign up form in just one minute on your blog.

E-Mail Marketing API

With AWeber API, integrate with third party, get access to message, list statistics, and edit subscriber’s information remotely and install web forms directly through your app. Integrate 3rd party application with AWeber:

  • Connect your newsletters and subscribers list to AWeber Lab.
  • Facility of API documentation.
  • WordPress Sign up Form widget.

AWeber Mobile App

Download the AWeber mobile app on your android or window phone and check your e-mail stats on your phone at any time. You can check out open and click rate per subscribers, newly added subscribers or unsubscribes, bounce rate of your site and much more:
Scheduled broadcasts.
Open and click rates.
Sent messages.
Subscriber’s stats.

Customer Supports

AWeber is providing the customer friendly support, seven days a week and get the solutions of your problems coming into your e-mail marketing business. Free Experts customer support far away just from one call or click.

  • Live Support 24/7/365.
  • Free live webinars.
  • Expert’s solution.
  • Click here to live chat.

Apart from these listed services regarding e-mail marketing, AWeber is offering many other services like e-mail Marketing Campaigns, Direct e-mail marketing, blog newsletters, e-mail analytics, HTML e-mail templates and drag and drop editors.


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