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I would like today to talk about CPVLab Tracking software and DigitalOcean SSD hosting company.
First lets define CPVLab :

The Ultimate Tracking Platform. #1 For Tracking & Testing Campaigns Self hosted · Easy to use. CPA marketers are using CPVLab and voluum tracking softwares to tracking what their offers , the different between them: CPVLab  is  Self hosted Software which you can host in your hosting and you can make your domain name but voluum is already hosted by the company itself but you need to pay monthly ($99 / month).
We are going to talk about CPVlab because you pay one time then you host it in your own hosting.
So what is DigitalOcean?
DigitalOcean is a simple cloud hosting provider built for developers. Easily deploy a blazing fast SSD cloud server in 55 seconds within an easy-to-use control panel. Plans start at $5 per month and include 512MB RAM, 20GB SSD Disk, and 1TB Transfer.
DigitalOcean has grown to become the second-largest hosting company in the world in terms of web-facing computers, and shows no signs of slowing down.
When you sign up with the company you get 10$ and you can setup your server at the same time.
You can sign up here and get 10$ bonus!
So what are DigitalOcean’features?
You can start with the first package which I am using in this case study :
512MB / 1 cpu 20GB SSD Disk1TB Transfer the price is 5/mo.

Then you have to create Droplets   which will hold your server.
Choose One click apps and LAMP on 14.04


Choose a size



Choose a datacenter region

since I target USA market I will choose Newyork

thats it you will receive your details to your email.
Now you have to buy CPVLab and upload it to DigitalOcean the price is $297 one time.
You can buy it here
you will receive everything you need to install the software.
Case Study:

  • Graphs : how CPVLab is using my hosting:



I am using my landing pages in the same server and I am promoting different offers but the server is stable as you see.
So you do not what to pay more on other SSD servers I recommande  DigitalOcean.
You can use the IP adresse they give you or link your domain name.
If you need more help let me know.

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